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Jana Hartmann Profile Page
Jana Hartmann
Research Area: Neuroscience
Research Topic: Excitatory synaptic transmission in cerebellar Purkinje cells – from molecules to behavior
Research Summary: The main function of the cerebellum is the real-time control of movement precision and error-correction. Based on prior experience it improves motor behaviors because its activity is modified by learning. By controlling posture and muscle tone the cerebellum enables the execution of goal-directed movements with high spatial and temporal accuracy. The adaptation and optimization of the responsible circuits is the basis of procedural learning of complex movement sequences and conditioned responses. Many cortical sensory and motor areas send input into the cerebellum where they are processed with exceeding rapidity. These signals converge in the principle cerebellar neurons, the Purkinje cells. Most important, they represent the sole output of the cerebellar cortex. The firing pattern in Purkinje cell axons is the result of the entire signal processing and sensorimotor integration in the cerebellar cortex and thus critically determines cerebellar function. We study mechanisms of synaptic transmission, integration and plasticity at glutamatergic Purkinje cell synapses. For this purpose we use transgenic mouse lines that lack proteins with specific importance for cerebellar Purkinje cells. We investigate the functional role of these proteins and involved signaling cascades from the level of the single synapse or spine to their impact on animal behavior. We perform patch-clamp recordings on Purkinje cells in acute cerebellar slices in conjunction with confocal or two-photon imaging of intracellular Ca2+ signals in Purkinje cell dendrites and spines. These measurements are complemented with quantitative PCR analyses of single cell gene expression, immunohistochemical stainings and behavioral tests for the evaluation of motor performance of the transgenic mice.
Lab website:
Selected Publications: Hartmann J. & Konnerth A. (2015) TRPC3‐dependent synaptic transmission in central mammalian neurons. J.Mol.Med. 93 (9): 983-989

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