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Modeling and Targeting Pancreatic Cancer

19.11.2019 16:15

Basic Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Analysis Methods for Neuro-Applications

20.11.2019 16:30

Speaker Series

20.11.2019 14:30

Molecular Oncology I

19.11.2019 17:15


Molecular Medicine Seminar

20.11.2019 17:00
Welcome to the PhD Program Medical Life Science and Technology

The PhD program in Medical Life Science and Technology is a three-year graduate program that provides high-level scientific training for students with a background in medicine as well as for those with a background in natural and life sciences or engineering. It consists primarily of an experimental scientific project that is performed in the laboratory of a faculty member. The practical work is complemented by interdisciplinary lectures, seminars and practical courses.  All of our students have individual thesis committees who help with developing and structuring the projects. Currently, the main research areas represented in the program are oncology, the neurosciences, immunology/infection, biomedical imaging, cardiovascular research and molecular medicine.

Our PhD program is hosted by TUM School of Medicine and a part of the TUM Medical Graduate Center and therefore of the TUM Graduate School. All of our students will become members of the Graduate School and benefit from its offers, such as financial support for international research activities, free soft skills courses and manuscript proof-reading, to name just a few.